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snydes [userpic]


May 12th, 2009 (08:58 am)

where am i?: bank
feeling: annoyed
i hear: if you're feeling sinister

yesterday was the worst day ever.
everyone at work called in and it was crazy.
and then when i am one block from my house, i get pulled over for making an "unsafe maneuver". please tell me what the fuck that even means. thats not even a real ticket. some van was sitting in the middle of the street for like 2 minutes so i went around them. big fucking deal. fuck you ft. worth police.
so now i have 2 tickets. because he also gave me one for my inspection. i almost made it a year though, and its only a $10 ticket, so thats not a big deal.
this makes me happier...

dear norms,
due to the fact that i am extremely poor, i did not purchase your ticket. but if i get money before you do i definitely will.
love, snyder

huge mushroom outside work

my pets are cute.