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deeper than bones

June 10th, 2009 (03:19 pm)

feeling: cold
i hear: chutes too narrow

-third eye blind was excellent. the setlist could have been better, but they performed so well. the opening band, however, sucked. dont listen to low vs. diamond. no good. "i smell marijuana" yes, stephen, you do. slow motion, motorcycle drive by, i want you, and semi-charmed life were by far my favorites. they played a lot of songs from the album that will be coming out in august, they were all pretty good. aaaand they recorded some bsides for the new album at the show too. i screamed extra loud so i can try and hear myself. hahahah. oh my gosh. also on the way there, we had to stop for gas, got somewhat lost, and ended up in deep ellum. and saw about 20 homeless people. laying on the sidewalk reading. or pushing their shopping cart, filled with every posession they own. it was crazy. there was also about 10 other carts filled with shit, at random locations. i thought this was odd, because im pretty sure i wouldnt just leave everything i own sitting on the sidewalk in dallas. especially around these people.
-laci's bday party was also excellent. went to my favorite ever sushi place beforehand. also had a blunt. talked about a prostitute experience. they are cheaper than i thought..? then drove to dallas. saw a lot of people i hadn't seen in a looong time. talked about our old drug stories. dance party. nikki looked presidential. super hot outside. everyone that lives in laci's apt came and cooked us food. some joints and some dro. christen's girlfriend is super sweet. jodie's girlfriend is a crazy bitch. and is no longer her girlfriend. geez. had a serious talk with fucked up laci. kegs are good. nasty shot. hollievomit. laci is queenlapatra. planet terror is disgusting. derek is a dancing queen. feared for my life on the way home. went to bed at 5 am. good times.
-yesterday i had the day off, and jeff and i went to see up in 3d. badass. stole a lot of 3d glasses from the bin. i fully intend to eat mushrooms and watch it again. went to 1/2 price and got some new records/books. went to olive garden AND jason's deli. went to a bunch of thrift stores and got a bunch of sweet things. especially my new unicorn vase. ohhh loves it.
also my friend candice starts her stem cell transplant today. she has had cancer for about a year now, and it has gone away, but then came back. she has to be in the hospital for about two months. i feel so bad for her, she has a four year old son, and she isnt going to get to see him most of the time she is there. it's so sad. i cant believe that we are the same age. that could be me, or any one of my other friends. it makes me feel bad for bitching about things in my life that are so minor in comparison. shes so upbeat though, it amazes me. hopefully this treatment will work.

on a lighter note, tonight is central market night. and dro night. if you are on your way to bonnaroo right now, i hate you. everyone else, love you.

"the clock it bleeds for you, but you never got the timing right"