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snydes [userpic]

i went crazy again today

July 9th, 2009 (11:04 pm)

where am i?: californiaking
feeling: awake
i hear: damien jurado

quit wells fargo. 2 weeks ago. its nice not having a job. my kitten died with michael jackson. jeff's aunt gave us a boat. sweeeet. also we have new furniture. jodies brother can ride a unicycle. thats crazy. this dro i have been smoking is fabulous. went to oklahoma and met jeff's father. it was crazy. his dad was nice, but they live in a town with 200 drunk rednecks. which was not fun. hung out with amy. her baby is cute. its weird that we have been friends for a decade. tomorrow we are going out for jennifer's bday. whaaat else.......i realized today that this polaroid camera i bought at goodwill is spice girls style. loves it. mark came to chill. also let us borrow his truck. so thats sweet.
today amy & i went to this ladys house and got some free stuff. i got 2 kerouac books, 1 oscar wilde, 1 kahlil gibran, and another polaroid camera, 70s style. apparently the lady was related to amys boyfriend. she died, & they had a bunch of extra stuff no one wanted. anyway..
the new regina is good. and mars volta.