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snydes [userpic]

you don't forget me

June 1st, 2009 (09:16 am)

where am i?: fargo
feeling: cold
i hear: stevie

gwen is so hot. for real.

no doubt was ammmmmazing. there were SOOO many people. "unbelievable" haha
our lawn party was awesome.
"margaritaaaaaaaaaaa" $16 is bullshit though.
the six joints were definitely a good idea.
they played every good song. loves it.
too bad it took about an hour to get out of the parking lot.
hollie and i got disney princess cameras, since both of our real cameras broke or suck ass. so, pictures later.
dear hollie,
your "boyfriend" is a faggot. "is this guy serious?"
you should probably just kill him. someone should at least.
love, lyndsey
soooo anyway, after the concert we went to laci's and "mingoed" for about 10 minutes, then picked up the douche i am referring to above, and dropped them off. then jeff and i went to get some food, and waited for about 45 minutes for our food. at WHATABURGER. reason # 2483047 why fast food is lame.

i made some stuffed bell peppers last night and they were soooo good.

these cupcakes were so delicious.


i lost my work keys.....oops.
ohhhhh also. im pretty sure my father is insane. last week he sent me a box of shit. it included the following items:
*old dirty sunglasses
*3 bottles of mens cologne
*mens shaving lotion
*a tiger figurine
*a new testament mini bible
*various rocks
*extra dark tanning lotion
*wet wipes
*a huge seashell
*a playboy zippo
*a coffee mug

whaaaaaaaaaaat. i think he forgot that i am a girl.
he spent $20 shipping these items. ahhhhhh. he should have just sent me the money. what a waste.

third eye blind in one week. yesssss